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15th November 2022

Wydział Zarządzania UW,
ul. Szturmowa 1/3, Warsaw

Michał Niewiadomski
Energy Club
dr hab. Grzegorz Tchorek
Wydział Zarządzania UW


Hydrogen, known as the fuel of the future, can replace hydrocarbons in many areas related to the production of energy, heat, vehicle propulsion, and also be used to store energy. The question is at what pace will this process progress? Can the current crisis be a catalyst for change or will we observe technological stagnation in the face of the economic slowdown? The oil crisis of the 1970s showed that the drastic increase in fuel prices may, on the one hand, direct economies towards increasing energy efficiency, and, on the other hand, stimulate the search for solutions aimed at replacing the existing energy sources.

Poland is the third producer of hydrogen in Europe and the fifth in the world, but it is the so-called hydrogen. gray formed in the process of steam methane reforming, i.e. from hydrocarbons. Ultimately, the idea is to obtain the fuel of the future through electrolysis powered by energy from renewable sources. Despite the significant increase in photovoltaics in recent years, we still do not have surpluses from renewable energy sources. These will appear when, first of all, onshore wind energy is unblocked, and offshore wind power is built. Nuclear energy can also be an important source of energy for the production of hydrogen.

Poland – despite not the best hydrological conditions, can play a significant role in the development of the hydrogen economy. In addition to know-how, our engineering staff has the potential to increase efficiency and seek savings in this process. The efficiency of electrolysis itself, and then the conversion of fuel into energy, is still low, which leaves a lot of room for innovation and technology development. During the November conference, which is guided by the slogan: ENERGY CRISIS AND THE RISE OF HYDROGEN IMPORTANCE, we will discuss the strategic directions for the development of the hydrogen economy in Poland, the use of this fuel by Polish companies, a hydrogen alternative to hydrocarbons in transport, and the integration of this fuel of the future in the gas system.

We hope that the current crisis will become an opportunity for the development of hydrogen, and thus reducing the dependence of the Polish economy on imported hydrocarbons.

Michał Niewiadomski, Energy Club

dr hab. Grzegorz Tchorek, Institute of Power Engineering, Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

Conference date

15 November 2022 h.9:00 am

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University of Warsaw
st. Dobra 55, Warsaw
Multimedia room


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